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Waldkirch & Saunders Construction Wilmington NC
A Wide Array Of Construction Services

The services that we provide and offer vary from the field of commercial and retail construction, to residential and industrial.  Each area of emphasis is overseen by experts who are dedicated to providing the highest level of construction services for our clients.  Here is a breakdown of the construction services that we provide for the greater Wilmington area and a brief description for each.

Commercial and Retail
The Wilmington, North Carolina area is a rapidly growing region of our beautiful state.  As such, there is an increase in the need for qualified construction companies to handle the needs of commercial and retail development. Whether you are looking for a new office building, shopping structure, medical facility or other retail and commercial construction need, please think of us first.  With over 150 years of combined construction experience we are sure that we have the capability to meet and exceed your needs. To see examples of some of the recent commercial and retail construction services that we have completed in the Wilmington area, we invite you to visit our portfolio. If you have any questions that we may assist you with, please feel free to contact us.

As with the growth that we have seen in the commercial sector in Wilmington, the industrial infrastructure has increased just as much if not more.  With this growth the need for precise, dedicated, experienced industrial construction companies is paramount and ever increasing. Industrial construction is a highly technical and detail oriented field, and it takes and experienced team to bring to fruition projects that are safe and functional.  The scope of our service in the industrial construction field includes but is not limited to warehouse construction, manufacturing and plant construction. If you have and industrial construction needs that we can help with, or if you have questions about your project, we would appreciate having an opportunity to speak with you.  Please contact us and what I show you what we can do.

The greater Wilmington North Carolina area is becoming a favored destination for many along the eastern seaboard as a place to call home. Residential construction is a rapidly increasing field in our area.  There is no doubt, you'll find dozens of builders and contractors inner city and the surrounding area. You'll be hard pressed to find a company that has more experience, a combined team effort and the desire to serve more than Waldkirch & Saunders. Whether you are looking to build a retirement getaway, a vacation home or if you're relocating because of business needs or would like to build a custom home of your dreams, we are the right company. We would appreciate having an opportunity to speak with you about your residential construction needs.  We also specializing in single family and multifamily dwellings if you are a real estate developer looking for the perfect fit in a construction company.

With the vast array of services that we offer, there are very few construction projects that we cannot undertake.  Each type of service that we provide is given equal dedication to excellence in construction, safety and in providing services beyond expectation.


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Waldkirch & Saunders is a full service commercial, industrial and retail construction company located in Wilmington, NC. We work with businesses of all sizes and types and we have a vast knowledge of the commercial construction industry. Our team is comprised of industry experts, and we strive to provide excellence in the construction process. If you would like more information about the commercial construction services that we can provide at Waldkirch & Saunders we invite you to contact us. We appreciate you taking time to visit our website and look forward to serving your commercial construction needs.



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